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What Is My Vehicle Rated for Towing

Towing capacity is a measure describing the upper limit to the weight of a trailer a vehicle can tow. In the United States, towing capacity is expressed in pounds, while other countries express the limit in kilograms.


Towing capacity, sometimes called maximum towing capacity, is the maximum allowable weight that a vehicle can tow. Towing capacity is specified by the v­ehicle manufacturer and can usually be found in the owner’s manual. 

Some countries demand that trucks and buses have the maximum trailer weight and eventually maximum trailer length signed close to the coupling device, while this is rare with smaller cars or pickup trucks.



Dont know your vehicles maximum towing capacity or dont have access to your owners manual?  Click Here to be taken to the official NADA guide website and get your vehicles maxium towing capacity rating. Its easy. 

1. Select your auto make.                                                       

2. Select your auto year and model.

3. Select the trim package.

4. Select all the options on your vehicle. Most options will not influence your tow rating. Upgraded engines, suspension packages, or towing packages,       are important to select as options if applicable to your vehicle.